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Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs review

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Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children is a story about a boy named Jacob that has a life like any human being. His grandpa tells him stories about when he was a kid and Jacob thinks he is making everything up. His grandfather tells him about an island and an orphanage where he and other children lived. But they weren’t normal children they were peculiar. When Jacob’s grandfather dies in the strangest way possible, he realizes all his stories were true. He goes in an adventure to find more about Miss Peregrine and the orphanage.

I bought this book because I loved the book cover, look at it, it has a floating little girl and its sort of disturbing but it was just my type of book. I had high expectations of this book but once I started reading I noticed that it didn’t get my attention from the start. I became lazy reading, a book with 300 pages usually takes me less than a week to read it but Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children took me more than one month. I felt sort of tempted to give up on it and read another one but that’s not me, once I start a book I finish a book. Then BOOM! climax happened and I was like wow it is very interesting, the things that happen and the things that Jacob discovers are creepy and disturbing in the best possible way. While reading it I was thinking that I want to read the sequel “Hollow City” but I’m sort of torn because I think it might be sort of slow in the beginning and I don’t know. I will add it to my To Read List but it’s not one of my top books. I give props to Riggs because he has a really interesting history in his hands and a very unique theme. It’s different from all the books I’ve read and that’s wonderful. He works wonders with the story and the pictures are really creepy and disturbingly beautiful. It didn’t had a cliff hanger ending which means that I don’t have to read the sequel right now so I’ll read it someday. If you’re into creepy weird awesome things this is the book for you.